Diehard Host Application

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Diehard WILL NOT accept applications from those under 18 years old.

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What times and Days are you available to Tournament Direct?
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Sunday Before 5pm CST
Monday Before 5pm CST
Tuesday Before 5pm CST
Wednesday Before 5pm CST
Thursday Before 5pm CST
Friday Before 5pm CST
Saturday Before 5pm CST

Sunday After 5pm CST
Monday After 5pm CST
Tuesday After 5pm CST
Wednesday After 5pm CST
Thursday After 5pm CST
Friday After 5pm CST
Saturday After 5pm CST

We have created a few questions for you to answer. In order to get a feel for you as a person and how you would handle a few situations and conduct yourself as a Tournament Director. All questions must be answered for consideration. Thank You.

1. Please explain why you would like to become a tournament director?
2. Why did you choose Diehard Euchre Club?
3. Do you have 3 hours or maybe more to devote to a tournament?
4. How important do you feel it would be to show up on time and when scheduled, except for in emergencies?
5. If two players are arguing and cursing in the lobby what would you do?
6. If you have a problem with a player and no matter what you do you can not resolve it diplomatically, what should you do?
7. If you do not agree with a decision which the lead TD has made, what should you do
8.If another group or another TD does something that is not very nice and the players are discussing it in room chat, how do you feel the TD should react?
Do you have any comments or questions for Diehard Euchre Club in regards to the question on this form?