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Card back Instructions:

Right click on the card back that you would like to use.

Select SAVE IMAGE AS and name it as cardback.jpg and save it in:

C:\Program Files\Mystic Island folder for 32 Bit versions of Windows

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mystic Island folder for 64bit versions of windows

Every time that you change card backs you will have to rename the one you are currently using example: cardback1.jpg, and use the cardback.jpg for the one that you wish to use.

Cardback Cardback02 Cardback03 Cardback04 Cardback05 Cardback06 Cardback07 Cardback08 Cardback09 Cardback10 Cardback11 Cardback21 Cardback31 Cardback12 Cardback13 Cardback14 Cardback15 Cardback22 Cardback32 Cardback16 Cardback23 Cardback33 Cardback24 Cardback34 Cardback25 Cardback35 Cardback26 Cardback36 Cardback17 Cardback27 Cardback37 Cardback18 Cardback19 Cardback20 Cardback28 Cardback29 Cardback38 Cardback30 Cardback39 Cardback40

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