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Tournament Rules

(Rules subject to change per Diehard Administration)

1. All Diehard Tournaments are open seating unless specified differently by the Tournament Director. Formats of tournaments are chosen by the TD hosting the event. Be sure to check format before beginning play.

2. Players must remain at the table until the last card is thrown. This indicates the completion of the game and is posted to the Automatic Scoreboard. If a player leaves the table before the results are posted, STAY at your table and invite the Tournament Director to your table. Do NOT assume the player left. They may have been booted. The Tournament Director will determine what should be done.

3. BOOTED Player: This is a player that has left the Tournament Room. Players are limited to 3 BOOTS per tournament. If a player is booted please notify the host immediately with the players name and your table number. Time begins when the Tournament Director is notified of the boot and the time will be posted in the chat. Each boot has a time limit of 5 minutes. If a player fails to return after the 5 minutes the Tournament Director will assign a sub to the remaining player. If the booted player returns after the 5-minute time limit he/she will not be permitted to re-join the game. Once a sub is in place the game must continue. The exception to this the drive formats where he/she will replaced at the start of the next round

4. FROZEN Player: This is a player that does not respond to anyone for 5 minutes. At the table or in the lobby. If a player is frozen please notify the host immediately with the player’s name and your table number. Time begins when the Tournament Director is notified and the time will be posted in the chat. If the player is at the table they can or will be removed by the Tournament Director and given the chance to re-sit for up to 5 more minutes. If no response within this 5 minutes time period there will be a sub assigned to the table.

5. SUBS: If a player is interested in being a sub, please message the Tournament Director as instructed and he/she will be added to the sub list. Players are not permitted to choose their subs. All subs are assigned in the order in which we receive the request. Subs WILL be permitted in semis and or finals. If you are playing in the tournament you will not be added to the sub list until you have lost.

6. There will no BRB's (Be Right Back) during game play. Unless for emergency reasons. Please use the time between rounds for BRB to use the restroom, grab a bite to eat and or drink. BRB's used during game play will be subject to disqualification from the tournament if the TD is not notified first.

7. If a player is lagging please inform the Tournament Director and he/she will ask that play speed up. If it continues the Tournament Director may instruct the lagging player to reboot or may disqualify the team from the tournament.

8. If a dispute or problem arises please come off your table and message the Tournament Director immediately and allow him/her to handle the situation. Do not try to handle it independently as the Tournament Director will have the final decision in the matter. If the Tournament Director asks you to go to a table to discuss the problem please comply as we would like to keep disputes out of the lobby.

9. The Tournament Directors of Diehard Euchre reserve the right to go to or monitor the play on a table at any time we deem it necessary. Booting a TD from the table is grounds for immediate D/Q!

10. The use of obscene and profane language is strictly prohibited. If necessary the Tournament Director may mute or boot a player for this. This is a family oriented site. If a player is using obscene language at a table please do a screen shot and summon the TD.

11. Table talk of any kind is strictly prohibited. Giving players any indication of what cards a player holds is grounds for disqualification. The player(s) involved will be warned and if the Tournament Director deems it necessary, he/she may be disqualified. The Tournament Director may limit the use of sounds if he/she deems it necessary.

12. Multitasking and/or using communication devices during tourney play is strongly discouraged. Things such as lengthy downloads and personal conversations do tend to slow game play down and cause delays for everyone involved. Please be as considerate of the other players as you would like them to be to you.

13. Married players or players residing in the same household or players using the same e-mail address may participate in all Diehard Card Club events and open tourneys but MAY NOT participate as partners. If deemed appropriate the Tournament Director may reassign players or disqualify if necessary.

14. Accusations of cheating WILL NOT be permitted in the open lobby. If you question the playing style of a team please pm the TD, they may choose to go to the table and watch the game. Cheating is very hard to prove in this environment and often the only thing that can be done is to say "I am sorry but I cannot prove anything and note that cheaters never truly win."

15. Please abide by all posted rules. The Tournament Director has the final word in all matters. You may send all complaints, inquiries or questions to our e-mail address: tournaments@diehardeuchre.com

Please feel free to contact DHBing on the island anytime you have a question. She can also be reached at the club e-mail bingo2642@hotmail.com

Have fun... play nice.... be fair!! And Good Luck Everyone! The DysFunctional Diehard Club was created for fun and friendly competition! See ya at the tables!!